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What courses are being trained?

Course Icon Click on the image to see a complete listing of Compass Transition courses.  Information includes: Module, Course Name, Course Duration, Audience and Course Description.

How do I sign up for training?

Training Job Aids

How to Enroll in an Instructor-led or Live Webinar Course

How to Launch a Classroom Recording or Webinar Recording

How to Launch a Self-paced eLearning Course

Training FAQ


How to Drop and Re-Enroll in Compass Courses

Scenario:   You already enrolled in a classroom or webinar session that you can no longer attend.  You drop the course expecting to re-enroll in a different session scheduled for another date/time but there is no Enroll button.   

What should you do? 

  1. Drop the course/section that you can no longer attend.  The enroll button is now removed and the course must be added back to your learning plan by the Transition Support team.

  2. Email Transition Support at and request that they add the course back to your Learning Plan.

  3. Transition Support will reply to your email to inform you that the course is back in your Learning Plan and  you can go into the ELMS and enroll in a different class date/time (Allow up to 24 hours).

Click  here for a complete list of Classroom, Webinar, eLearning and Module Lead courses.

eLearning Information


Tips & Tricks

Mute the audio if you would rather not listen to the automated voice.  All of the audio narration is included as text on the screen.


Use the Pause and Back buttons to moderate the pace of the course.

Remember:   There are job aids for all of the eLearning content. You don’t have to memorize the steps needed to complete a transaction. Click here to view the library of Job Aids.


Have a pen and paper on hand when you take the end-of-course-assessment (EOCA) and note which questions you answer incorrectly.  Review the job aid or eLearning lesson before you attempt the EOCA a second (or third) time.

NOTE 1: We recommend taking the eLearning courses in mid to late October so that the information is still fresh in your mind at Go-Live.
NOTE 2: You do not have to complete eLearning courses prior to Go-Live if you do not anticipate needing access to the module.  Example:   If you rarely travel, you can wait until right before or right after your next trip to take the Travel & Expense Enhancements eLearning course.  After completion, you will have T&E module access within 48 hours. 

Click here for instructions how to launch the eLearning course from your Learning Plan.  

Click here for End of Course Assessment information

eLearning Courses

Wire Claim Enhancements eLearning (260423)

Grants Suite 101 eLearning (260488 - 11352)

Emory Express for Approvers eLearning (260533)

What's New in General Ledger eLearning (260435) 

Understanding Workflow & Approving Financial Transactions eLearning (260461) 

What’s New in Accounts Payable? eLearning (260418) 

Asset Disposal Workflow eLearning (260427) 

Travel & Expense Enhancements  elearning (260454)

What's New in Emory Express? (User Community) eLearning (260429)  

P-Card (260419)



Where can I find training materials?

      job aid     

Job Aids            eLearning            Video-taped Classes                 Recorded Webinars                 
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Classroom Session PowerPoint Presentations

Institutional Data Management eLearning

 Institutional Data Management (IDM) eLearning Course

  • Emory University (EU) employees who use any financial system (including Compass, EPEX, Emory Express and EBI) must complete the IDM eLearning course prior to October 31, 2016 to be in compliance with Emory Policy 10.13. The IDM course is required for you to have any access to Compass. For more background information on data management policies please click here.
  • Emory Healthcare (EHC) employees who use any of the Financial Systems (Emory Express, EPEX, Compass and EBI) are exempt from the IDM course due to their annual completion of EHC sponsored compliance training.

Training Timeline


What type of training is available?

Training Methods

How did they decide who took each type of training?


What is included on my Compass Upgrade Training Plan?

Learning Plans

A Compass Upgrade Learning Plan has been created for you. Learning Plans(course and type of training) is based on your historical Compass use in each module.  For example if you are a Heavy User* in the T&E module, then your learning program will include classroom training.  If you use the T&E module but are not a Heavy User, your coursework will likely be eLearning. Click here for instructions to access your Compass Upgrade Learning Plan .

"Heavy User" 

Compass user who creates more than the average number of transactions in a module over a 1-year period (Feb. 2015 – Feb. 2016) are assigned Classroom or Webinar training courses.  Non-Heavy users are typically assigned to eLearning course or they can view recorded classroom sessions to fullfill their course requirements.



For Managers: How can I tell who is taking training?

If you are a Manager with direct reports who are required to take the Compass 9.2 Upgrade training. You can check the status of the people on your team. Users will need to complete training in order to be able to continue to complete transactions within Compass after November 14th.

Please click the image below to download the Manager Report:


Special Note: You may see Do Not Enroll for some of the courses. These are the eLearning courses that will be open for enrollment once the courses are final and loaded into the ELMS. 


*Healthcare will be conducting their own internal Compass training sessions.  Healthcare Compass users are not required to go to any training offered by the University; however, they may attend University sessions with manager approval. For more information on Healthcare training, please contact Lori Ronalder