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Important Announcement Regarding Research Proposals and EPEX

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The upgrade to PeopleSoft Financial System (COMPASS) will occur in November.  Compass includes the Emory Proposal Express (EPEX) Proposal Routing System. 

This will have a direct impact on proposal routing in November!  Users will not be able to access Compass or EPEX from Thursday, November 10, 2016 until noon on Monday, November 14, 2016.

Am I Impacted?

If you are a Principal Investigator or an EPEX user who currently has an active proposal in EPEX or you have plans to submit a proposal in November, then you may be impacted.

What is the Impact?   

EPEX Routing and proposal submission will not be available from November 10-14.

FOR EPEX Records Related to Proposals (e.g. grants, etc.):  By the 5 p.m. on November 9th, ALL ACTIVE proposals must complete all workflow stages in EPEX (through the final Institution Approval stage) AND must be submitted to the Sponsor.

FOR Contracts Routing for Negotiation Including Sponsored Clinical Trials:  By the close of business on November 9th, ALL routed contracts must complete all workflow stages in EPEX (through the final Institution Approval stage). The Industry Contracting Group will endeavor to complete the final Institution Approval stage in EPEX for industry contacts that have reached the contract analyst stage in the workflow by the close of business on November 9th.   

Any EPEX record that has not reached OSP/OTT and was not handled as described above, regardless of the current state in workflow, will need to restart the routing process after the system becomes available on November 14, 2016. The EPEX record will remain intact and should be used to re-start the routing process once the system is available. A new record will not need to be created.

What do I need to do?

Follow these guidelines:

If the Sponsor Due Date is ON or PRIOR to November 16:   Enter your proposal into EPEX as early as possible to ensure there is time to complete ALL approval routing steps and the sponsor submission process by November 9.  

If the Sponsor Due Date is AFTER November 16:  Process as noted above so that it is submitted to sponsor by November 9, OR Enter into EPEX on or after November 14

If you have any proposals with a due date of November 16 or earlier, please notify your RAS representative as soon as possible so they can support the proposal routing process and assist you in ensuring that these are submitted to the sponsor by November 9.

Any questions regarding above should be submitted to your RAS Representative or Holly Sommers. 

Note:  The largest deadlines which will be impacted include, but are not limited to, the following:

14-Nov-16   NIH Deadling - Ks

15-Nov-16   NSF Full Proposal Deadline (9 Programs) and NIH Progress Reports

16-Nov-16   NIH Deadline - R03s/R21ss - renewals, resubmissions, revisions

16-Nov-16   NSF Full Proposal Deadline (7 programs)

Interface Responsibility Acceptance Form

Are you an Interface Owner?  If you submit transactional data to Compass via an FTP load (such as Campus Services billing transactions, Network charges, EmoryCard transactions, etc), you need to complete this form by October 25th in order for your file will be accepted in the 9.2 environment.  This form requires approval of your unit’s Chief Business Officer as well.

All feeds used in our current 9.0 environment have been tested by using a recent file for each interface and processing the load in each of our testing cycles. This approach was used so that interface owners would not have to point the file to our test environments and lose their critical connections to current Compass.  The process around go-live and monthly expectations will be reviewed during training with interface owners.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

June, 2016 - Register for Training

Check the Training tab on this website in late April for more registration information.  Courses are scheduled from September 19 through November 11, 2016.  The training focus (Compass module) changes from week to week and your learning program will reflect what courses you need to take throughout the 8 weeks.

June, 2016 - Town Halls

Town Halls are a series of division-wide meetings scheduled in June, August and October to keep Compass Users informed about the status of the upgrade, as well as, training expectations. Some divisions will elect to schedule meetings while others will instruct their Compass users to enroll in a Virtual Town Hall course now available on the ELMS. Click here for Town Hall registration instructions.
It is important for all Compass users to attend or view the Town Halls.  Attendance and/or course completion will be tracked.  The Compass Upgrade includes significant changes to many modules including T&E and General Ledger.  Training is required in order for you to complete Compass transactions. We will be discussing general expectations, as well as, training registration and opportunities for you to get some hands-on experience later this summer.

July - August 2016 - User Acceptance Testing Open Labs

User acceptance testing (UAT) is the final phase of the Compass software and training materials testing process. During UAT, Compass users will use newley developed job aids and test the system  to make sure it can handle their required tasks in real-world scenarios.  Registration information will be available in June.

August 2016 - Compass 9.2 Essentials 

Intended for all Compass users. This “roadshow” presentation will cover the Compass upgrade changes that impact most users and is an important prerequisite to  module-specific training.  Topics include: Smart Key, Compass search capabilities, Related Content, WorkCenters, Reports, Expenses, Client Support Center and Training requirements.  Project team members will be available to discuss any concerns about individual learning programs or registration.


Compass Upgrade Timeline

Project Timeline

Click here to find out about the "Key Dates" leading up to Go-Live on November 14


Please note the timing for system shutdowns and plan your work around the blackout dates. 

Click on the Calendar image  (revised 11/3/16) to review details around key cutover dates and system impacts to: Billing / AR, Payment Services, Payroll, PCard, Procurement, Research and Student Financials.