• Training: What's New in ARBI? Sept 20, 2016

  • Grants Instructors: Niketta Jones, Val Rainey, Wanda Francis, Shannon Swoope, Kerrie Hawkins,Jjoy Floyd, Urvi Patel

  • End User Instructors: John Marnne, Rakesh Gambhir, Amy Jones, Stephen Wheeler

  • Training: Accounts Payable - Payable Operations Sept 20 2016

  • Expenses UAT Lab - August 18, 2016

  • Expenses User Acceptance Testing Lab August 9, 2016

  • UAT - Grants July 18, 2016

  • Grants Interactive Lab

  • Grants Interactive Lab

  • July 30, 2015 - School of Nursing - Compass Outreach Prize Winners

  • Compass Peer Expert Kick-Off Meeting

  • April 12 Interactive Labs - Entering a Payment Request

  • August 4 - Yerkes - Compass Outreach Prize Winners

  • August 13 - Grady Faculty Office Building - Compass Outreach Prize Winners

Get Ready!


 The upgrade to PeopleSoft Financial System (COMPASS) will occur in November.  Compass includes the Emory Proposal Express (EPEX) Proposal Routing System. This will have a direct impact on proposal routing in November!        

Please click here for details.

 Users will not be able to access Compass or EPEX from Thursday, November 10, 2016 until noon on Monday, November 14, 2016.

Compass Readiness (T Minus) Checklists

This checklist is sent weekly during the countdown to Go-Live.  The various work streams are in highlighted sections and the content will be limited to important information and action items.  Review the Audience Impacted column to see which areas pertain to you.  

Visit the Communications tab on this website to view past Compass Readiness (T Minus) Checklists.


Click here to find out about the "Key Dates" leading up to Go-Live on November 14


 Institutional Data Management (IDM) eLearning Course

  • Emory University (EU) employees who use any financial system (including Compass, EPEX, Emory Express and EBI) must complete the IDM eLearning course prior to October 31, 2016 to be in compliance with Emory Policy 10.13. The IDM course is required for you to have any access to Compass. For more background information on data management policies please click here.
  • Emory Healthcare (EHC) employees who use any of the Financial Systems (Emory Express, EPEX, Compass and EBI) are exempt from the IDM course due to their annual completion of EHC sponsored compliance training.

Are you an Interface Owner? 

If you submit transactional data to Compass via an FTP load (such as Campus Services billing transactions, Network charges, Emory Card transactions, etc), click the link below and complete the form by October 25th in order for your file to be accepted in the 9.2 environment.  This form also requires approval of your unit’s Chief Business Officer.


All feeds used in the current 9.0 environment have been tested by using a recent file for each interface and processing the load in each of our testing cycles. This approach was used so that interface owners would not have to point the file to our test environments and lose their critical connections to current Compass.  The process around go-live and monthly expectations will be reviewed during training with interface owners.

Compass Essentials 9.2 Webinar Recording

(Course Number: 260462 -  Recommended but not Required)

 What is covered? Key changes that impact all Compass users including: Navigation changes, SmartKey/SpeedType, Reporting and a demo on how to register for training.
 Register to view the Adobe Connect recording in the Emory ELMS
Compass Essentials 9.2  Frequently Asked Questions

Get Registered!

eLearning Update

Grants Suite 101 eLearning (260488-11352)

Wire Claim Enhancements eLearning (260423)

Emory Express for Approvers eLearning (260533)

What's New in General Ledger eLearning (260435) 

Understanding Workflow & Approving Financial Transactions eLearning (260461) 

What’s New in Accounts Payable? eLearning (260418) 

Asset Disposal Workflow eLearning (260427) 

Travel & Expense Enhancements  elearning (260454)

What's New in Emory Express? (User Community) eLearning (260429)  

 Click here for instructions how to launch the eLearning course from your Learning Plan.

Coming Soon:  P-Card 

Classroom or Webinar Training

  • IF your Learning Plan includes classroom or webinar course training, REGISTER NOW!

  • Select dates and times that work with your schedule

  • Visit the Training tab on this website for the overview of weekly topics

Schedule of Make-up Classes  (November 7-11, 2016)

Click here to get step-by-step instructions on how to register

Recorded Classroom Sessions

If you were assigned to eLearning or classroom training, and would prefer a different option to complete the course requirements, there are video-recorded classroom sessions now available.

Compass 9.2 Accounts Receivable-Grants Classroom Recording (Course # 260542-11422)

Compass 9.2 T&E (Heavy Users) Classroom Recording (Course # 260535-11383)

Compass 9.2 What's New in Accounts Payable (Heavy Users) Classroom Recording (Course # 260536-11384)

Compass 9.2 Pre-Award-Grants Classroom Recording (Course # 260543-11424)

 Check back for additional recordings

Click here for instructions for launching a Classroom Recorded Session.

Open Lab Schedule

Open Labs are available to all Compass Users who completed module training but still would like to ask questions, complete an eLearning or practice in the Play environment with an expert nearby.  There are 2 weeks of Open Labs and they are scheduled by module and/or topic within a module.  Open Labs are not a substitute for training and are optional. Register on the ELMS and drop in anytime during the Open Lab four to eight hour session.

Click here to view the Open Lab schedule including course number, time and location information.


How to Drop and Re-Enroll in Compass Courses

Scenario:   You already enrolled in a classroom or webinar session that you can no longer attend.  You drop the course expecting to re-enroll in a different session scheduled for another date/time but there is no Enroll button.   

What should you do? 

  1. Drop the course/section that you can no longer attend.  The enroll button is now removed and the course must be added back to your learning plan by the Transition Support team.
  2. Email Transition Support at compassupgrade@emory.edu and request that they add the course back to your Learning Plan.
  3. Transition Support will reply to your email to inform you that the course is back in your Learning Plan and you can go into the ELMS and enroll in a different class date/time (Allow up to 24 hours).

Click here for a complete list of Classroom, Webinar, eLearning and Module Lead courses.

Support Resources

Training Parking Lot - Questions & Answers from Classroom Sessions

Click here to download an excel spreadsheet with all of the questions logged during classroom sessions.  Subject Matter Experts provided the answers and you can filter by  date, class name, module to search for a particular question and answer.

job aid

Job Aid Library

Looking for quick and easy guidance on completing Compass transactions. Job Aids are step-by-step instructions wth screenshots to guide you though transactions.  Job Aids are housed in a new tool called PDF-Flip that allows for easy viewing and navigation. Click here to access the job aid library.

Then….Get Out and Play!

After you complete your training, you will able to continue 'playing' in a Compss 9.2 practice environment up until Go-Live so that you can get comfortable with the new upgraded Compass.  The practice environment will have the same look and feel of Compass at Go-Live. You will receive information about the practice environment at training and in upcoming Compass Weekly Readiness Checklists.

Get Out and Play

Peer Expert Council

A Peer Expert Council was formed in March with a kick-off meeting scheduled for April 5, 2016. Peer Experts are typically the ‘power users’ within their business units and departments. They possess better than average knowledge of the Compass tool. The Peer Expert’s guidance and support will help their peers experience a smoother transition from current state to future state.  

  • Peer Experts provide “hands-on” feedback related to training and testing. They help answer user questions during and after training.

  • Peer Experts will share their technical knowledge of Compass Upgrade within their business units and departments and increase overall end-user comfort level with the upgraded Compass tool. 

Go to the Contacts tab on this website to find out your department's Peer Experts.

Finance Support Center 

Emory University Finance is introducing a new Finance Support Center hosted in Salesforce Service Cloud.  

We heard you when you told us that you wanted

  • a single point of contact,

  • more consistent answers,

  • improved response time, and a

  • better self-service resource base for your Finance questions.

Come hear about the newly incorporated changes and how we are better aligned to help you with your Finance-related needs.

 The introduction of Finance Support Center will precede the onset of formal Compass Upgrade training.  Compass users can expect an enhanced support experience as we move toward a Compass Upgrade go-live date of November 14, 2016.

Look for an email with registration information and attend a Compass Outreach Session - Introducing the Finance Support Center

Stay tuned for more information.

Listening Tour Update

During the spring of 2014, many of you attended Listening Tour sessions with Belva White and provided valuable insight into what Compass features and functionality worked well, and which ones needed to be improved.  The feedback collected provided the basis for many of the Compass upgrades. 

(Click on the image below for more detailed information.)

listening tour 

Answers To Your Questions

The module leads have provided answers and updates to the questions that you asked during the Listening Tour and Compass Outreach Sessions for the following modules:  Accounts Payable, Travel & Expenses, Reporting, General Ledger, SmartKey and Grants Management.  The consolidated spreadsheets of Q&A are on the NEWS & EVENTS / Meeting Presentations, Recordings & Parking Lots tab of this website.